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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The company we keep

I've had a chance to step into the offices of many companies over my career. The ID badges are my souveniers.

A: Andersen, Air Products, AOL, Anadarko Petroleum
B: BMC Software, Bank of America, BearingPoint
C: Compaq, Continental Airlines, Continental Carbon
D: Deloitte, Day Zimmermann
E: Enron, ExxonMobil, Ernst & Young
F: First Wave Marine, Ford Motor Company
G: GHS Health Systems
H: Halliburton, HP, Hess
J: Johnson Space Center (NASA)
K: Kellogg Brown & Root, KPMG
L: Landmark Graphics
M: MD Anderson, Microsoft, Minute Maid
N: Nestle
P: Pennzoil
R: Reliant Energy, Randall's
S: Sysco, Shell, Schlumberger
T: Tesoro Petroleum, Trinity Industries, Taiwan National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments
U: US Airways
V: Valero
W: Wilson Industries
X: XM Radio
|| hcpark, 3:21 PM


I have a little wooden box with nametags I used to wear at different jobs I once had. It’s kind of a souvenir box that I like to look through from time-to-time. You certainly have quite the collection!

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