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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I know where the bathrooms are

Early in my consulting career, I worked a client who was very impressive. He wore very nice conservative suits, had an impressive sounding title, spoke with an executive tone, and--most importantly--seemed to know the right stuff. He knew about the industry, his company, the people in the company, how to get handouts ready for meetings, etc. These are all very important things in corporate america.

Then in a series of meetings, I saw him become less impressive in my eyes. He remained rather quiet in meetings with his superiors. Listening carefully to what he was saying, I realized that he offered very little original insight. His opinions, when voiced, were usually dismissed or ignored. I realized that what I had been impressed with was what I now call the "I know where the bathrooms are" knowledge. You expect someone to know certain things after a certain amount of time at a place. BUT, knowing where the bathrooms are is NOT the same thing as actually being able to provide business value.
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Friday, April 14, 2006

how to become famous

This is hilarious.

It reminds me of this. This second video has gotten rather famous. This talented duo has now signed on a deal with some big names in their native China, doing promos for big-name telcoms.

That reminds me of this. Start small, be hilarious, and you'll get some larger airplay.
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

a photo tour that leaves you hungry

Thanks to Tory for sending me this link. Great phototour of Houston's Koreatown. If I had done a photo tour, I'd put a lot of the same places. The two I'd add are grocery stores that have a mini food court: Ko-Mart and the other one if further down Gennser, around Hammerly.

Thanks, Jen! Your tour makes me hungry.

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