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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barenaked Ladies | Snacktime | The Grove | with surprise guest!

We happened on their new album, Snacktime, while at the bookstore last week. We then happened to see a small listing in the LA Times about a promo gig at The Grove. In the interest of introducing our kids to live music, we decided it was important for us to go.

Before the start of the gig, I started to tell my 3.5 year old that she should ask for the set list after the show. We were able to sit in front of the chairs in the lawn area. Prime position for asking for the set list. As the band was leaving the stage, I walked up with daughter in hand and was able to get Jim C to get us a set list. We picked up Steven P's.

I've been trying to figure out what the "code" after the songs mean. It's hard to make out the letters, looks like a "AKN". I think these are the songs where Steve played guitar, and the "N" and "3" are the capo positions. I recall that he only had a guitar on a few songs, and only one change (to the same guitar) with a different capo setting.

For the real nerds who are still reading this... before they started their last song. They looked out at the audience and asked a friend to join them. "We have that thing you play", they said, as they welcomed Weird Al Yankovic to the stage.

That's him with the accordion, pumping away to $1000000. He even did a mini-solo. No one threw fishsticks or Kraft Dinners.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Texas BBQ in SoCal

Not that I've looked much, it's hard to find good Texas BBQ here in South Bay. We've tried to look, but it's stuff like this that takes the fun out of looking.

What's with the lasso and swagger on our cowgirl? Come get your Texas cowgirl fantasy "howdy" here! Oh, it's good to see that (probably due to complaints) we now have "new family friendly cowgirl uniforms". Yee-haw!

My kids, who were born in Texas, are not going to grow up thinking this is what we do in Texas. We have good BBQ, really good BBQ. We have cowboys with weathered jeans who are gentlemen. We have cowgirls who drive trucks and know how to be a lady.

And our BBQ places have real smoke. If you are driving up to a "Texas BBQ" place, and do not see smoke, keep lookin'!
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