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Friday, September 26, 2008

CD Rate chat w/ my bank

Current Transcript of the Chat Session

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with Michael T.. Welcome to Bank of America. How can I help you complete your online checking or savings application today?

Michael T.: Welcome to Bank of America! I’m Michael, and I’m here to assist you with finding the account that best fits your needs. How may I assist you today?

You: Hi, just checking for CD rates and terms. I bet lots of folks are asking about this... any "economy meltdown promos" today?

Michael T.: Thanks for choosing Bank of America for your financial needs!
Michael T.: I’d be delighted to send the link for our CD rates and terms!
Michael T.: Please click here!

You: this seems to be a list of checking options

Michael T.: I sincerely apologize. The rates are not available online in your state.

You: is there a list of rates and terms?
You: uh... how can I find out about what is available?
You: can you look them up?

Michael T.: I can look up the information for you. If I may ask, how much are you looking to invest in your CD account?

You: Like these other banks:

Michael T.: How much are you looking to invest in your CD account?

You: about ##K - ##K, maybe up to ##K, depending on terms
You: mostly interested in 9M to 2Yrs
Michael T.: Great! The best rate available is our 12 month CD. It is currently at 2.96%.
You: anything higher if I go ##K and 2 years?

Michael T.: This is the best available for the terms and balances in the CD you have requested.

You: ok, thanks

Michael T.: You're welcome!

Santa Barbara Bank and Trust is doing 5% for 1000 minimum. JPMChase (congrats on picking up WaMu and welcome to the West Coast!) is doing 2-3% for "normal levels" and 3-4% for 7-48 months. To get 4.75% you have to do 84 months. Eight-Four Months? That's sometime in 2015.
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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I was in Bakersfield, CA, for a few days last week. The first night, I did not sleep well. The next night, I had a strange dream that makes me wonder what else is floating around in my subconscious that gets pieced together to form such mini-narratives.

I find myself running. Lots of other folks around me all running, more like charging in the same direction. I look down and see that I am taking part in a civil war re-enactment exercises. Not sure how I knew it was only a re-enactment and not the real thing. It reminded me of how Quantum Leap starts.

I like history, but not a die-hard fan of Civil War. I think Glory is one of my favorite movies, and I think it's very interesting that Civil war re-enactors exist.

As I was running, I remember thinking, "what am I doing here?". I also remember being surprised at the length of the rifle I was carrying. (Yes, you amateur psychologists, go ahead.) I see the others start to ready their rifles as we start to line up in formation. I look down and see that I am equipped with the powder and sacs that I guess are used to "ready" my rifle. I recall thinking, "man, I hope I don't knock my eye out by mixing this wrong".

Then I wake up at the SpirngHill Suites, Bakersfield, my Blackberry playing Tune_BachFugueDMinor.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The day after Ike

I am hearing from my family and friends in Houston. Power is out, and may be out until Tue/Wed. Landlines and cellphones work, but go in and out. Lots of trees and limbs through the roof. It's still raining. There is debris everywhere.

People are waiting outside Walmart, and Walmart is not even open. Waiting in the rain, some for hours. Better than waiting alone in a humid house. HEB is open, but only allowing a few people in at a time.

There are no visible signs of any work crews or law enforcement. Houstonians are generally good at those things that keep a society from boiling over. We get along with each other, enjoying each others' differences, food, holidays. But can it last for the days ahead?
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