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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Hidden in the Andersen Website....

If you visit Andersen's website, you'll find a "hidden link". This is no joke. Just go to or (both take you to the same one-page content), you won't see much.

But if you "select all" (i.e., CTRL-A), you'll see everything highlighted. And just above the "All rights reserved" in the lower right, you'll see a small letter "q" that's a link. The text is in the same color as the background, so you don't see it unless you select it or happen to run your mouse right over it.

Click on it and it takes you to a familiar place for anyone who has ever been part of the Andersen family (yes, even the Accenture folks know what I'm talking about).
|| hcpark, 9:55 PM


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