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Sunday, April 03, 2005

playing cards with James Bond / dancing the forbidden dance

I recently finished a project that involved the use of Monte Carlo simulation. In a nutshell, it allowed me to express revenue projections not as a single number, but with a "% probability of reaching" specific goals. So instead of saying that the revenue will be "$x", the analysis showed that there was a 75% chance of reaching $y and a 95% chance of reaching $z. It's much superior than the standard sensitivity analysis, which is often used more as a CYA than to add insight to a problem.

The underlying system dynamic model was built in PowerSim. The on-line documentation recommends an alternate and competing analysis called "Latin Hypercube". This painted a "The Far Side" - like cartoon in my mind where a room of statisticians are divided along two camps. One side has the Monte Carlo-ists, dressed in their tuxedos and ready to play a mean game of baccarat; the other side has the Latin Hypercubists, decked in their suave South-American attire ready to do the forbidden dance. I felt like a hapless model-builder who happened to pass through a wrong set of doors.

And you thought statisticians were boring!
|| hcpark, 9:19 PM


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