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Thursday, August 11, 2005

what does Ronald McDonald eat?

I was recently in Chicago, close to the airport. I happen to drive by the building, which got me to wondering about this and other questions.

1. Does an employee at use to look for another job?
2. What knives are available at the Ginsu knife factory cafeteriaA?
3. Do the guys that support Mac OS versions of MS software get jeered at as they walk the halls of Microsoft?
4. Do employees of AOL use AIMB?
5. Do employees at cigarette companies take smoke breaksC?
6. Can an employee of Playboy Enterprises charge a "hostile environment sexual discrimination" against the employer?
7. Do they have file cabinets at EMC/Documentum?
8. Do they have fire drills (i.e., what to do in case of fire) at fire stationsD?
9. Consumer product companies often make prototypes available to employees. Do companies that make toilet paper offer samples and ask for feedback?
10. Can you bring an iPod to work at Microsoft?

A few notes...
A. This is not my own. I got this from Tory Gattis.
B. Actually, I know the answer to this one. They AIM like it's the last day on Earth. Some of the longest buddies list I've seen were on desktops at AOL.
C. Smoke breaks? Two people who have worked at cigarette companies have told me that people smoke all the time at their desks, at meetings, etc.
D. Is there a "floor fire warden" with a stupic plastic fire chief hat?
|| hcpark, 2:42 PM


This comment has nothing to do with this post ... I just had to tell it.

At Half Price Books tonight, my 14 year old daughter handed me a CD and asked if I knew anything about this band.

Like a slow-motion dream, I read the cover. My reflexes took over as I tightly gripped the disk, threw my arms in the air and shouted (almost at the top of my lungs), "Bee Stung Lips!!!"
Anonymous Reese, at 10:03 PM  
I've seen our CDs several times at used book stores. There's a part of me that's sad to think that someone would want to get rid of such a limited-edition CD, one that probably brings many fond memories. Perhaps they parted with it after great angst as they tried to make their monthly budget. Then I think of the great joy the CD will bring to its new owner... perhaps someone who has been seeking it for years, perhaps someone who will discover it for the 1st time.
Then I wake up and think, someone was cleaning out their college CDs to make room for their growing DVD collection. Oh well.
Blogger hcpark, at 10:51 PM  
All I know is that I was unbelievably stoked. Forgetting that it was my daughter who had found it, I headed over to the cash register to purchase it post haste. Then, I snapped and hollered over to Joy, "You mind if I buy it?"

Later, after returning home, another daughter described what she had observed in Joy's expressions. First she was excited at my enthusiasm, but then her countenance fell as she began to realize that I wanted it so bad that she would relinquish it to me. Oh well, I'm still stoked.

The whole family was digging it last night on the living room boom box :-)
Anonymous Reese, at 12:21 PM  
Cool. I hope you didn't pay too much for it.
Blogger hcpark, at 12:34 PM  
A little more than I would normally pay for a used CD, but well worth every penny. I'm bringing it with a sharpie for you to sign it on Sunday :-)
Anonymous Reese, at 9:12 PM  

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