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Friday, September 23, 2005

lessons from Rita

The real lessons will come later. For now, lessons I am learning...
  1. Have friends and lots of friends in different places.
  2. Get gas early.
  3. Do NOT get 4 hours asleep for the two nights prior to a 14 hour drive.
  4. If you're in Texas, long drives may be easier in the night.
  5. Get to know the beautiful "back roads" of Texas1.
  6. Dramamine for the dog.
  7. Take your VoIP phone2 with you.
  8. Paper towels in the car.
  9. Don't complain. Our family may be refugees, but we have it good.
1. I've been communicating with a few folks that have taken part in the Exodus. It took us 14 hrs from Houston to Austin. Family #1 took 5.5 hrs to get to San Antonio taking back roads. Family #2 from The Woodlands took 8 hrs to Dallas. This was after they opened up the southbound lanes for northbound traffic. Family #3 took 5 hrs from Pearland to Austin. I gotta find out their route for our trip back.

2. If anyone wants a "friend referal" to Vonage, let me know.
|| hcpark, 3:11 PM


Glad you made it through okay. Hugs all around from Casa Jonsson.
Blogger Nils, at 6:27 PM  

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