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Monday, March 27, 2006

his (calendar) life is an open book

I discovered that the DoJ has exhbits related to the Enron case. It's all under Wow! The Enron exhibits got "top billing" from the "" directory.

I won't explain exactly how I found this, but it seems that I once had lunch with someone who had lunch with Andrew Fastow. Check out his calendar for November 2001 here. So if you are part of a DoJ investigation, I guess your PDA can be confiscated and its contents can make it to a web site to be read by all.

For Fastow, we see that he had questions about his boat, had lunch with Lea several times, and blocked out time to watch the Jason Alexander show.

Note to self: do not put embarrassing entries like "catch new Britney Spears video on MTV" into my calendar.
|| hcpark, 12:13 PM


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