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Sunday, March 12, 2006

selling your car

I recently sold my car that I've had since 1998. Here is one man's tale.

Images of seedy salesmen and scam-artists awaited me as I ventured into this endeavor. In a nutshell, it was easier than I thought, but I did learn a few interesting things. I decided to test the waters by placing a "For Sale" sign on the car (would I get any calls? ). Most of the time, the car was parked in front of my house, where school and park traffic guaranteed a steady stream of potential buyers. I did receive several calls every week for several weeks. Only a few called back and one or two people came by and saw/drove the car.

Then I decided to get serious: I took out an ad. I had recently purchased a used car, and having gone through the experience as a buyer helped me become a better seller... What does a buyer look for? How does the buyer look-up cars for sale? How does the buyer decide what they want to pay?

I had a choice of venues for ads. In the end, I chose For $44, I got a 3-week run, with 9 photos (on-line) and one photo in the weekly publication. AND, I had a chance to keep the ad running until I sold. I chose autotrader since they seemed to have the most selection for similar cars.

I also built a free "blog" so I could place more detalied pictures and text. The buyer did go out to the site. In the very least, it helped me think through which pictures I wanted with the ad as well as the text I woud use for the "selling points".

Other things I learned:
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Howard, I am very impressed with your effort. It's funny how many people would rather get ripped off than spend a few hours learn and educating themselves about buying and selling vehicles. Glad to see you took the time to do both! Way to go. The Ex-Car Dealer
How To Avoid All Car Dealer Scams
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