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Saturday, August 19, 2006

the mp3 roulette

Here we go again!

1. Open your mp3 player application.
2. Select the "shuffle" feature. "Shuffle" your selection.
3. Log the 1st 10 songs (artist/album) in the response to this post.
4. Do NOT skip over that embarrassing song that came up. You MUST list the 1st 10 songs. Only exception is if you have an artist or album that is repeated.
5. Log your 10 songs in your own blog and encourage others to play this game.

My list:
1. Too Much / Dave Matthews Band / Crash
2. You Never Can Tell / Emmylou Harris / Best Of Emmylou Harris
3. You're The Storm / The Cardigans / Long Gone Before Daylight
4. Shape Of Things Things To Come / Melissa Morris / Shape Of Things To Come
5. The Sea / Morcheeba / Big Calm
6. Time / Fastball / The Harsh Light Of Day
7. It's Been Great Afternoon / Merle Haggard / More Of The Best
8. Tell Me How You Feel / Phil Keaggy / Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child
9. Suzanne / Weezer / Weezer
10. Finest Hour / Duran Duran / Astronuat

If my playlist = my life right now, what does this mean?
|| hcpark, 11:31 PM


It says never can tell too much about the shape of things to come. In spite of the storm developing at sea, it's been a great afternoon, some of the finest hours of all time. Tell me how you feel, Suzanne, er, Howard.
Blogger Sarah Hazel, at 3:26 PM  

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