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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

where to sit on Southwest Airlines flights

I recently flew a quickie from Houston to San Antonio and back. We were in the air for under 30 minutes each way. I happened to sit next to an off-duty SWA flight attendant and her mother. She knew exactly which row to sit in.

Row 17.

Why Row 17? Row 1 was already taken, and Row 9 didn't have two seats open for her and her mother. All Southwest flights have the same # of rows. The flight attendants split the rows into three sections, starting at Row 1, then Row 9, then Row 17. These are the rows that get the drinks 1st.

If the flight is not full, they MIGHT start at row 8 or 16, and if you can't get 9 or 17, sitting in 10 or 18 isn't bad. But on a flight that lasts 27 minutes in the air, and you want to enjoy your drink, you don't want to be part of the last set of drinks served.

OK, so this is not a huge secret, but a handy tip that might bring an interesting element to your next SWA flight. She also told me that when the air bag falls down, most people don't do ANYTHING. They just look up at the bag and do NOTHING. Kids, on the other hand (possibly since they have no concept of mortality) reach up and try to put it on.
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