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Thursday, January 25, 2007

new start

I am in Santa Monica, traveling with my family this week.
I exited the Santa Monica Freeway (I-10), and saw what looked like a beggar asking for money. He had a sign. These hand-made signs usually come in one of several flavors.

1. Simple Slogan. Examples: "please help", "Thank you", "God Bless".
2. Story. Example: "Disabled Gulf War I vet, medicare can't help. I have hungry family and a dog. ETc."
3. Combination. Simple slogan in center, with more text filling in edges.

The sign I saw today... I don't know how to interpret. It simply said:
New Start
What does that mean? Maybe he's not begging for anything, but encouraging us to start anew with the new year. Maybe I couldn't see the rest of the sign. Maybe it's a new cult he'd like to start.
|| hcpark, 7:08 PM


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