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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been tagged

some blog thing, I guess. since most people come to my blog from other blogs, i gotta oblige.

Eight things most people don't know about.

1. I don't like peanut butter. My family knows this, and my kids think it's very strange.

2. Speaking of food, I love ramen. I had plenty of it in grad school, but even now, with my per-meal budget increased to something above $1.59, I still like to enjoy ramen. I know many ramen tips and tricks, including the "egg secret". Yeah, I know, my family also knows this.

3. Things I wanted to be when I grew up: pilot, magician, trumpet player, detective, cowboy.

4. I hate wet socks.

5. I once pulled a fire alarm by mistake. It was at a place of residence early on a Saturday morning. It woke everyone up, officials showed up. I was never implicated.

6. I'm bad with remembering names, but I can remember songs and music from years ago, especially if I saw it live. I remember my brother-in-law calling from New Orleans telling me that he had gotten engaged; I remember this because "Rocky Top" was playing in the background. I remember some 4-piece band I saw in High School. Their short gig included "Boys of Summer", "Dreams", and "Subdivisions". I remember hearing my first rock when I must have been 5 years old. CCR, "Proud Mary".

7. When I was taking Tae Kwon Do in Korea (back when I was 5), I remember picking up my teacher's nunchucks. I remember how heavy they were, and I recall taking one of the handles and trying it out. Spin, spin, throw, spin.... Then I remember waking up on the floor with a pain in the back of my head. I was alone, and no one saw me. These things CAN knock you out.

8. I am fascinated about how locks work. In my life, I have picked a few locks and "cracked" a few combination locks.
|| hcpark, 1:01 PM


Thank you for playing. You didn't have to, but you did.

But do you remember your brother-in-law's NAME?
Blogger Sarah Hazel, at 10:14 AM  

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