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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Pocari Sweat -- the unfortunately-named drink

Traveling to faraway lands is always a treat for me. When I went to Japan in 1998, I had the Lonely Planet guide with me. It warned me of an unfortunately-named drink called Pocari Sweat. It's a drink that is now widely available throughout Asia. I don't know what Pocari is, the "sweat" comes from the fact that it is a nutrient-replenishing drink. Like gatorade, it is mildly sweet, and replaces electrolytes. And yes, you say "sweat" as in "I ran so hard through the airport terminal, I am sweating."

It is an unfortunately-named drink and will not catch on widely in the US or most western nations.

We wait in the airline lounge at Incheon, trying to catch up on some work and do some planning for the upcoming meetings. We are also hungry. I make several rounds to the all-you-can-eat-and-drink bar at the lounge. And yes, you CAN make yourself a mixed drink at 6 in the morning.

Instead, I opt for several rounds of rice porridge and soy sauce, some canned iced coffee, fruit, and, of course, the Pocari. My colleagues ask, "does it taste good?". I answer, "the porridge is easy and filling after a long plane ride.... the Pocari is nice, but you have to get used to the taste a little bit."

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