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Friday, September 26, 2008

CD Rate chat w/ my bank

Current Transcript of the Chat Session

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with Michael T.. Welcome to Bank of America. How can I help you complete your online checking or savings application today?

Michael T.: Welcome to Bank of America! I’m Michael, and I’m here to assist you with finding the account that best fits your needs. How may I assist you today?

You: Hi, just checking for CD rates and terms. I bet lots of folks are asking about this... any "economy meltdown promos" today?

Michael T.: Thanks for choosing Bank of America for your financial needs!
Michael T.: I’d be delighted to send the link for our CD rates and terms!
Michael T.: Please click here!

You: this seems to be a list of checking options

Michael T.: I sincerely apologize. The rates are not available online in your state.

You: is there a list of rates and terms?
You: uh... how can I find out about what is available?
You: can you look them up?

Michael T.: I can look up the information for you. If I may ask, how much are you looking to invest in your CD account?

You: Like these other banks:

Michael T.: How much are you looking to invest in your CD account?

You: about ##K - ##K, maybe up to ##K, depending on terms
You: mostly interested in 9M to 2Yrs
Michael T.: Great! The best rate available is our 12 month CD. It is currently at 2.96%.
You: anything higher if I go ##K and 2 years?

Michael T.: This is the best available for the terms and balances in the CD you have requested.

You: ok, thanks

Michael T.: You're welcome!

Santa Barbara Bank and Trust is doing 5% for 1000 minimum. JPMChase (congrats on picking up WaMu and welcome to the West Coast!) is doing 2-3% for "normal levels" and 3-4% for 7-48 months. To get 4.75% you have to do 84 months. Eight-Four Months? That's sometime in 2015.
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