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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I was in Bakersfield, CA, for a few days last week. The first night, I did not sleep well. The next night, I had a strange dream that makes me wonder what else is floating around in my subconscious that gets pieced together to form such mini-narratives.

I find myself running. Lots of other folks around me all running, more like charging in the same direction. I look down and see that I am taking part in a civil war re-enactment exercises. Not sure how I knew it was only a re-enactment and not the real thing. It reminded me of how Quantum Leap starts.

I like history, but not a die-hard fan of Civil War. I think Glory is one of my favorite movies, and I think it's very interesting that Civil war re-enactors exist.

As I was running, I remember thinking, "what am I doing here?". I also remember being surprised at the length of the rifle I was carrying. (Yes, you amateur psychologists, go ahead.) I see the others start to ready their rifles as we start to line up in formation. I look down and see that I am equipped with the powder and sacs that I guess are used to "ready" my rifle. I recall thinking, "man, I hope I don't knock my eye out by mixing this wrong".

Then I wake up at the SpirngHill Suites, Bakersfield, my Blackberry playing Tune_BachFugueDMinor.
|| hcpark, 7:20 PM


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