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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The day after Ike

I am hearing from my family and friends in Houston. Power is out, and may be out until Tue/Wed. Landlines and cellphones work, but go in and out. Lots of trees and limbs through the roof. It's still raining. There is debris everywhere.

People are waiting outside Walmart, and Walmart is not even open. Waiting in the rain, some for hours. Better than waiting alone in a humid house. HEB is open, but only allowing a few people in at a time.

There are no visible signs of any work crews or law enforcement. Houstonians are generally good at those things that keep a society from boiling over. We get along with each other, enjoying each others' differences, food, holidays. But can it last for the days ahead?
|| hcpark, 10:35 AM


We gave up after two days of no water and power and headed to a friend's farm near Austin. Fortunately I can work remotely (I am a regular fixture at a nearby Starbucks) and my kids are loving life on the farm.
Anonymous Steve Ebel, at 6:32 PM  

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