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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tea Fire, and where we live

Some more info on the fire, and the general geography around where we live.

Here is a map that shows the area, the evacuation zones, road closures, and some celebrity homes. Thanks to google-mashup!

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The area of CA around here is part of the "Central Coast". As you travel on north HWY101 (known as Ventura Freeway in LA), you pass thru out of LA County, thru Ventura County, then hit Santa Barbara County. The first city in Santa Barbara County is Carpinteria (where we live). This is the string of cities south to north (or really from east to west):
As you can see, the ocean is to the south of this area, so as you hear directions, please keep in mind that "from the hills" is "from the north".

We are about 5-10 miles or so from the fires. The winds were not blowing in our direction, so we didn't even smell the smoke, until about an hour ago.
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