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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lost in Translation II

One of the essentials I picked up during my last trip to the "American and Oriental Food" store was this. I am a ramen junkie, and even though I'm no longer a graduate student, I find myself gravitating towards the not-so-healthy but oh-so-easy and my-that's-a-cheap-meal ramen dish.

I found the instructions on this specific package a bit confusing.

We have a two-step process, and it's presented in three languages. First, it's in Korean. Then in Chinese, then finally in English. My Korean isn't that great, but it seems that for the readers of Korean and Chinese, the instructions are different than for the readers of English. If you can read Asian, you should use 700cc instead of 650cc.

Now why is that? Possibly different measurement systems around the globe? I recall that one of the baby bottles we used had different scales for UK and US measurements. Or do Asians prefer a more watered-down version of the same dish?

Maybe it's because many Asians know about the secret ingredient that you can add to ramen to actually turn it into a meal: a raw egg.
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